“There is a creature that is still alive, that has survived thousands of years of evolution. No change, no passion, no logic. It’s like God created the Devil and gave him… Jaws.”

Return to the fateful summer of ’75 when a white shark brought terror to the beaches of Amisty Island with this new “Jaws” collector’s kit.

Inside the box you’ll find memories like:

  • Beach Towel (140×70 cms)
  • Ferry Ticket (numered)
  • Amity Island Brochure Map
  • Amity Gazette
  • Anti Stress Shark
  • Quint’s Keyring (Wood)
  • Tin Button “Vote for Larry”
  • Tin Button “Amity Surf Shop”
  • Warning Tape “Amity Police”
  • Coupons Sheet
  • Amity Island Postcard
  • Amity Beach Arcade Flyer
  • 2 Stickers